WAWIKO showcase systems

WAWIKO is a practical and inexpensive system for the display of your trains which consists of acrylic tubes with optional wall brackets. The trains are protected against dust, well presented and easy to display or to remove via means of coupling to your model railway layout. In future there is no need to hide your valuable trains in boxes or in the lower level of your layout. Free your layout of some rolling material to be able to drive more freely once again.

Gates of the tubes


Both sides of the tubes are locked with transparent gates, which run in deep milled tracks. Breaking through of the trains is impossible!

Tracks in the tubes

With tracks bautiful and useful

The acryl tubes are delivered without tracks, so you can select the tracks system of your choice. It is our opinion that to the presentation of a train belongs also a visible track bed. As the experience shows, it is not necessary to fix the track to the tube, but it can be done very easily.

Dimensions of the tubes

You can order all length ot tubes for the price of the next standard length.

Dimensions of the tubes

quality of acrylic material

Tubes with an unlimeted life period?

Our tubes are made of a strong acrylic material with a material thickness of 4mm. The tubes are welded together and therefore very durable and “bend secure”! We use high quality acrylic material! As a result of our outdoor tests the last 15 years, we estimate indoors an unlimeted life period with cristal clear material.

Wall holders

metal wall holders


are manufactured from plastic-coated aluminium profiles and available in a silver-grey colour. The tubes come to rest on robust fastened bolts. The wall holders are equipped with three holes to fix them to the wall. Wall fixings are included in the delivery.

wooden wall holders


The wall holders are also avaliable made of finished beech wood. We use a natural product based on citrus for the finish.

Dimensions of the wall holders

Dimensions of the wall holders

Examples of use

Feel free to send us pictures of your implementations

transport trains with the tubes

Easy transport

Easy transport with two kitchen papers at both ends.

dust protection tubes

Dust protection tubes

Use this tubes to protect the parking trains on your model railroad layout against dust
internal measurements: Scale H0 / 00 width 86mm x height 50mm
Scale TT width 64mm x height 45mm
Scale N width 46mm x height 35mm
The prices are the same as the prices of the normal tubes.
Please order this dust protection tubes with a note in the comment field.

slats for cars

Accessory slats for cars

Scale H0 – cars in a scale N tube. The cars are mounted on the slats with glue pads.
Prices: 20cm - 120cm 9,--€ / 121cm - 250cm 15,--€
Please order this accessory with a note in the comment field.

Slats in place of tracks

If you don't want to equip your tubes with expensive tracks so we have two alternative solutions to stabilise the trains with flatt acrylic slats.

a) slats for trains

a) Slats in the middle of the tubes

It is necessary to mount the slats with short strips of transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape (7,5m) 2,50 €.
Prices for one slat: 20cm - 120cm 5,--€ / 121cm - 250cm 7,--€
Please order "middle-slats" with a note in the comment field.

b) slats for trains

b) Slats right and left

The two slats are the better solution for trains with sliders. It is advantageous to mount the slats with short strips of transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape (7,5m) 2,50 €.
Prices for on pair of slats: 20cm - 120cm 7,--€ 121cm - 250cm 9,-- €
Please order "side-slats" with a note in the comment field.

Vitrinensystem in der Wandschräge

Suitable for all wall areas

... also for pulse tilts.

Züge aus den Vitrinen auf die Anlage bringen

Couple the tubes to your plant

.... and let drive the trains into the tubes

Vitrinenröhren schonen Zugkupplungen

Protect your couplings

Especially rail car trains have sensitive couplings. So it's better to transport the train en bloc with WAWIKO-Tubes.

gealterte Vitrinengleise

Weathered and grassed tracks

Mr Seiler is using weathered and grassed tracks to present his trains.

Vitrinenröhren mit Landschaftshintergrund

Tubes equiped with backdrops

Mr. Aumüller is using wooden slats which are laminated (wallpaper paste) with backdrops. The slats are positioned between the trains and the backside of the tubes.

Beleuchtung von Zügen in Vitrinenröhren

Lighting of the tubes

Do you like to do handicrafts? Then it's a lot possible to lighting the trains. It's also recommendable to use LED ceiling spots to lighting the whole Showcase to reduce shades and to see your trains in the true colors.

Spur N Vitrinensystem

A work of art?

You see a N gauge system (tubes 90 cm and 112cm). My wife said; Wow, that looks like an work of art. Perhaps we should buy more of this.... .... and that after she was against the showcase in her flat.

Vitrinenröhren pflegen

Cleaning the tubes

Clean or take dust off with a slightly moist cloth (with window cleaner).
Small scratches on the display can be removed with the polishing agents freely available on the market.
For deep scratches, first wet-sand with the enclosed special sandpaper (grain 2500) and after this use chrome polish.

pricelist tubes

Price list of the Tubes

*) inside length = outside length minus 2cm

pricelist wall holders

Price list of the wall holders

You need at least 2 wall holders.

Shipment costs

The shipment costs outside of Germany are depending on the destination. Please ask for an attractive offer.

Your order

Please order here via E-Mail: wawiko@wawiko.de"
Please let us know:
- Name and address
- Telephone number
- Scale H0,TT or N
- Tubes (length and quantity)
- do you also need wall holders?
Thanks a lot!